Vitiligo in infants

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  1. Vitiligo in Infants
    Pamela Harrison began writing in 2010. Her work has appeared in various online publications. Harrison's expertise is in health, fitness, parenting and relationships. She is currently writing her own novel, with hopes of having it published in the near future.
  2. Vitiligo in adults and children
    Vitiligo is an acquired skin disorder characterised by white (depigmented) patches in the skin, due to the loss of functioning melanocytes. The extent and distribution of vitiligo often changes during the course of a person's lifetime and its progression ...
  3. Recouleur Becomes New Sole Source of Skin Deep Book by Dr. Ted Grossbart
    Recouleur offers vitamins and products to help people cope with vitiligo and other skin conditions ... the United States may lack adequate resources to treat children who are affected, according to a new statement from the American Academy of...
  4. Will my children/family get vitiligo?
    I was driving into Boston on Friday to meet with a pharmaceutical company and discuss developing new treatments for vitiligo. While I was listening to National Public Radio (NPR), I heard a human-interest piece titled, “Inheriting A Rare Skin Condition ...
  5. Childhood Vitiligo in China
    Characteristics of vitiligo in Korean children. Pediatr Dermatol 2000; 17: 189–93 Zhi Hu, Jiang-Bo Liu, Sui-Sui Ma, et al. Profile of childhood vitiligo in China: an analysis of 541 patients. Pediatr Dermatol 2006; 23: 114–6 Li Q, Gao TW, Li CY ...

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    Previous studies into probiotics for treating very preterm infants have been carried out, but the rigor and generalizability of some of the trials have been questioned, and researchers disagree on whether they should be used routinely. The new study
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    Previous research has shown that cigarette tax positively affects mean birth weights of infants and a selection of other pregnancy-related outcomes. The current study specifically looked at increased tax on cigarettes and the rate of infant mortality.
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    In 1992, the American Academy of Pediatrics advised that all babies should be placed to sleep on their backs, which resulted in a dramatic decrease in deaths from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. However, a new study reveals that the number of infant 
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    Excessive weight gain before or during pregnancy is a known risk factor for gestational diabetes and high blood pressure. However, a new study suggests that women who are of a healthy weight during their first pregnancy, but who gain even a moderate 
  5. Woman suffering from vitiligo says skin condition makes her more attractive
    'Men love my skin,' she said. 'They come up to me all the time and ask to kiss my white spots or tie my shoes. 'They call me exotic and beautiful. I love it.' But although Archie has plenty of male admirers, she says that other women are not quite as 

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Vitiligo in infants and children
Vitiligo in infants and children
Vitiligo in Infants | LIVESTRONG.COM
Vitiligo in Infants | LIVESTRONG.COM
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Information on Vitiligo in Babies thumbnail

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