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  1. University in Ohio Experiences Outbreak of MRSA Infections
    “Students and faculty can be susceptible to MRSA infections after having contact with someone’s skin infection, personal items they have used and from touching contaminated surfaces,” said Jason Dobranic, Ph.D., Vice President of Microbiology and ...
  2. Drug-Resistant Staph Infections Reaching Epidemic Levels in Some Parts of U.S.
    MRSA infections are the leading cause of skin and soft tissue infections among hospital patients, and can result in severe and even fatal disease. These infections account for almost 19,000 deaths and more than 94,000 life-threatening illnesses each year ...
  3. Why sports can be a breeding ground for dangerous MRSA infections
    If left untreated for too long, infections caused by MRSA can become dangerous and potentially life-threatening if they spread into muscle, blood, bones or the lungs. The CDC says MRSA can also spread by skin-to-skin contact, exposure to contaminated ...
  4. Daniel Fells' MRSA battle a chilling reminder of infection danger in NFL
    About five percent of humans naturally carry Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), a bacterium that can ... with athletes who shave the hair from their skin." Though we’re all at risk of infection at any time or place — something as ...

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  1. Giants' Daniel Fells Could Lose His Foot Due To MRSA Infection
    "'Football is a sport where people tend to get a lot of breaks in the skin from abrasions they sustain when they go down,' says Jeff Hageman, an epidemiologist with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. 'And we know that with staph and with
  2. Marlboro: At least one football player has antibiotic-resistant skin infection
    The Marlboro Central School District is stepping up cleaning after a student was diagnosed with MRSA, an antibiotic-resistant skin infection. In a statement posted on the district's website, Superintendent Michael Brooks said a player on the JV
  3. NFL Player's MRSA Infection 'Extremely Unusua...
    Typically, MRSA causes a simple skin infection that's easily treated by lancing the abscess or taking alternative antibiotics. But, if it reaches the deep tissue, bone or bloodstream it can cause severe illness, said Dr. Pritish Tosh, an infectious
  4. Giants' Daniel Fells hospitalized with infection: What is MRSA?
    Another type of MRSA infection has occurred in the wider community — among healthy people. This form, community-associated MRSA (CA-MRSA), often begins as a painful skin boil. It's spread by skin-to-skin contact. At-risk populations include groups
  5. New York Giants tight end Fells struggles with MRSA
    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that less than two percent of the population are MRSA carriers, but the study found that athletes in contact sports are at higher risk of both colonization and infection because they have skin-to

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MRSA Infection - Pictures, Causes, Symptoms, Treatment, Prevention ...
MRSA Infection - Pictures, Causes, Symptoms, Treatment, Prevention ...
MRSA skin infection.
MRSA skin infection.

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